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Environmental protection and sustainable development

Kusmi Tea makes a commitment

logo WWF

True to its values, sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development and aware of the environmental challenges that affect the world around it, Kusmi Tea has strongly committed to working with WWF France on two projects which hold a special interest for the company.

Kusmi Tea and the protection of tigers

Bébé tigre

© Martin Harvey

The tiger, an animal which is particularly symbolic of tea producing regions, is in danger of becoming extinct. In order to save these noble creatures, Kusmi Tea is proud to become a sponsor of WWF's "TX2" initiative.

#Main aim

To double the wild tiger population and reach 6,000 animals in the wild by 2022,

the next Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. To attain this goal, the WWF is working - with the support of its sponsors - towards restoring the tiger population as well as that of its prey, through better management of protected areas and reinforcement of anti-poaching measures. The environmental protection organisation also wants to ensure that tigers remain a top priority for world leaders.

A responsible and sustainable tea supply

Récolte de thé

A key player in the world of tea, Kusmi Tea gets its supplies from producers with strict standards. Quite naturally, the company made the decision to move towards an environmentally friendly tea supply and producers. This is its second line of commitment in its work with WWF France.

#Main aim

To significantly increase its purchase percentage of organic and responsibly produced tea,

in order to be able to offer a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. WWF France is thus supporting Kusmi Tea in its endeavours to strike a balance with the global challenges of the food industry.