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Between tradition



Kusmi Tea's production and logistics facilities are located in Saint-Vigor d' Ymonville, near Le Havre. Symbolic, as Le Havre is twinned with the city of Saint Petersburg, where it all began!

Kusmi controls its entire production process: from tea blending and flavouring, to the fabrication of teabags, and packaging. Kusmi products ship throughout the world, with distribution in thirty-five countries.

& original teas

At Kusmi Tea, raw materials are selected with great care. Tea leaves, always imported whole, are mainly hand-picked and come from producing countries such as China, India and Japan. The blends are flavoured with the most subtle essences, such as Bourbon Madagascar vanilla or Calabria bergamot. The teas are packaged in traditional metal cans or muslin bags, which preserve the quality of the teas and allow them to express all the finesse of their aromas. The exclusive recipes, some of which have been kept secret for over 150 years, are created by hand, using centuries-old craftsmanship.

Creating the new

Kusmi strives to preserve the artisanal character of its methods and means of production, while bringing a touch of modernity and innovation.


We are committed to the quality of our products and the precision of our work.

Pleasure and

These are definitive values of each Kusmi product. We want our customers to have a complete sensory experience.


We try to see things differently in order to better satisfy our customers. We thrive to create novelty products and the unexpected.