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Make Your Own Boba Tea with Kusmi Black Tea

Boba tea is also known as Bubble tea also known as Pearl milk tea is a Taiwan-born drink. What makes this drink a trend in every corner of the globe is the primary cast in the drink - tapioca pearls discovered at the bottom of the drink that can be sucked up with a big straw; apart from the sweetness of the syrup mixed with the milk tea! During the past few years, this delicious beverage has become wildly famous.

Bubble tea is quick and easy to create. It's an awesome drink to quench your thirst summer. All you need is some tea, syrup, milk, and some pearls of tapioca. Easy!

3 Boba Tea’s Recipes:

We tested three delicious recipes using our Karavan N°50 black tea or check out more Black Tea option by Kusmi Tea which also great in making your Boba Tea! 

 Karavan N°50Kusmi Tea Black Tea

Option 1: Boba Tea with milk and violet syrup

Option 2: BobaTea with peach syrup

Option 3: Boba Tea with maple syrup and rice milk

Here’s what you need to create your Boba Tea:

  • Black tea: Infuse a teaspoon of black tea for 4 minutes at 90 ° C in a 150ml glass of water. Remove the tea and put aside to let cool. We used Karavan N ° 50 for these three ingredients, which is a balanced mixture of Asian black teas that will give your Boba Tea taste without overpowering the syrup taste.
  • Tapioca pearls: Cook 30g of raw tapioca pearls in a 350ml glass of water. When your water boils in the pot, add the tapioca pearls and cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes. Set aside for 5 minutes in the cooking water, strain the pearls in a sieve and place them for a minute under the cold tap. A fast tip: Immediately add your sweet liquid to the pearls to prevent them from sticking! You can find ready-made tapioca pearls in most of the hypermarkets or websites.

Tapioca bubble pearls

  • A sweet liquid: adding sweetness to your Bubble Tea is essential. We suggest your favourite syrup for 3-4 tablespoons, but of course, you can modify the amounts to fit your tastes. For instance, the best option would be the South East Asia speciality - "Gula Melaka"! 
  • Milk: Optional and serves with cow milk and plant-based milk (almond, oat, soy, rice, etc.) just as well.
  • An extra-large straw to suck the pearls: We suggest using stainless steel or bamboo straws as they can be reused, 100% environmental friendly as well. 
  • As many ice cubes as you want!

Now that you've blended all the ingredients together in a large glass, grab a box of Venchi Lavita Dolce Chocolate to pair with your Boba Tea - a perfect combination for you and your friends to enjoy whenever you like! 

Two bottles of bubble teas